From Budding Business to Global Corporation

In 1995, we opened our doors and thanks to sound business practices and consistently high quality, we’ve grown to become an industry leader. The following timeline demonstrates how we’ve expanded our business and our reputation for excellence.

1995 Founded in Akron, OH by Sean Condren.
1996-1999 Started sourcing rubber chemicals from China.
1999 Moved corporate headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina. Awarded US patent no. US 6,278,021 B1 for Activator N46.
2000-2001 Opened warehouses in Memphis, Akron, Savannah, and Los Angeles. Hired first Shanghai employee to represent Seacon in China.
2003 Named supplier for major tire company.
2005 Purchased Seacon Industrial Headquarters building in Charlotte.
2006 Named supplier for major tire company.
2007 Installed three additional production lines. Became a C-TPAT Registrant with US Department of Homeland Security.
2008 Awarded ISO 9000:2001 certification.
2009  Started supplying for major tire company.
2010 Established strategic partnership for supplying liquid .6PPD in ISO tanks to major tire plants.
2012 Installed high-intensity blending line, as well as second continuous mixing line.
2013 Installed 600-liter cooler.