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In addition to supplying the rubber and plastics industries with a variety of additives, we also offer a specialized selection of additives for specific markets within rubber and plastics. We have managed this while creating an infrastructure for quality manufacturing, a dependable supply chain, and timely distribution with a focus on providing value to our customers.

Products & Services

For the PVC Industry

Seacon has a strong presence in the PVC industry as a manufacturer and supplier of formulated, customized chemical blowing agent powders and masterbatch mini-pellets. We also provide contract manufacturing services to blend PVC compounds, PVC masterbatch, and pre-blended minor additives into IBCs. We also offer PVC grinding and recycling services. All this work is performed at our factory in Charlotte, NC.

Exothermic & Endothermic
Blowing Agents

Rigid PVC

  • Unifoam AZ MC-25TZ
  • Unifoam AZ MC-25SO5
  • Unifoam AZ MC-25EV30
  • Unifoam AZ MC-25EM15
  • Unifoam AZ MC-25SO4

Soft Vinyl

  • Unifoam AZ MC-40SLE
  • Unifoam AZ MC-40SCE


  • NDBC
  • CDBC

  • Ca-Zn

Contract manufacturing

  • Gentle, homogeneous blending of PVC compounds and PVC masterbatch
  • Weighing and blending of minor additives into IBCs
    The weighing and blending of additives into one IBC gives a more precise and consistent loading of minor ingredients in automated material handling systems with pneumatic conveying.

PVC Grinding and Recycling

  • Contract shredding & pulverizing of “in process” PVC scrap for re-use
  • Purchase PVC scrap, shred and pulverize, and offer to the market as recycled PVC

Products & Services

EPDM Weatherstrip Industry

Seacon has a strong presence in the EPDM weatherstrip industry as a manufacturer and supplier of filtered dispersions of chemical blowing agents, accelerators, and other curatives as well as calcium oxide batch inclusion bags. We also offer multi-ingredient blends weighed into low melting PE batch inclusion bags.


Products: Rubber chemicals & Chemical Blowing Agents

Activity Levels: 70, 75, and 80%

Product Forms: Slabs, Pastes & 6mm pellets

Filtration: 40-100 mesh. Finer mesh filtration can be studied.

Color Coding: Color coding available to reduce human error during weighing

Binder Systems: EPR + EVA + Oil

Mooney Viscosity: 25-45 @ 50°C

Blended Pre-Weighs

  • High intensity blending of multiple ingredients with optional liquid addition
  • Bag-in-a-bag option to isolate ingredients
  • Certified using a generic EPDM weatherstrip recipe. Rheometer curves and the ML, MH, Ts2, and Tc90 are reported on the COA for each batch blended.
  • A checkweigher weighs each bag, records all bag weights, and the statistics with Cp + Cpk are reported on the COA.
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