Chemical Dispersions
& Masterbatches

Seacon manufactures chemical dispersions for the rubber industry and chemical masterbatches for the plastics industry at our state-of-the-art factory in Charlotte, NC. Though in rubber we use the term “dispersions” and in plastics we use “masterbatches,” the concept is the same. We pre-disperse chemicals into a binder system to make slabs, sheets, pellets, and mini-pellets.

These forms are preferred for a variety of reasons: easier to weigh, better housekeeping, no risk of dust cloud explosions, quicker and better dispersion in rubber compounds, cleaner and more precise incorporation on a two roll open mill, consistent and dust-free side port metering during continuous extrusion, compatibility with automated pneumatic material handling systems, etc.

1.1 mm, 1.5mm and control (Dispersion)
Chemicals rubber accelerators & other curatives
chemical blowing agents
Activity levels Rubber chemical dispersions – 70-80%
Masterbatches for plastics – 25-50%
Product Forms slabs and sheets
6mm pellets
1.5mm mini-pellets
Filtration 40-100 mesh. Finer mesh filtration can be studied
Color Coding Pigments can be added for color coding to reduce human error during weighing
Binder systems EPR + EVA + Oil
SBR + Oil
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