Chemical Blowing Agents

ADCA Azodicarbonamide
Formulated ADCA ADCA blended with activators & modifiers
OBSH P,P’ – Oxybis benzene sulfonyl hydrazide
TSSC P-Toluene Sulfonyl Semicarbazide
TSH P-Toluene sulfonyl hydrazide
BSH Benzene sulfonyl hydrazide
NaHCO3 Sodium Bicarbonate
Product forms powders, pastes, pre-weighs, dispersion slabs and pellets, masterbatch pellets and mini-pellets
Custom blends Seacon formulates custom blowing agents and blowing agent dispersions and masterbatch with specific decomposition temperatures, gas volumes, particle sizes, and foaming characteristics
Supplier partners Otsuka Chemical Company
Xiajiang Hengtong
Church & Dwight
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